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Insulation types

Solid Insulation

image001jpg-7c57-8a34a Despite its easy to use and production properties including strong physical and electrical values, it represents an uneconomical insulation type because of its thick wall core thickness when compared to the other insulation types.

Foam Insulation

image002jpg-e7aa-9756a Its major advantage is that it allows manufacturing the cables in great even numbers due to its requirement for thin wall thickness. However, because of its insulation type, weaker physical characterictics an absorbtion of filling compound into insulation are its disadvantages.

Foam-Skin Insulation

image003jpg-4728-d2eb2 It is a structure of solid and foam mixture. The inner layer is processed from foam polyethylene, which has high foaming rate. The outer layer is procassed from solid polyethylene, which acts as a barrier preventing the penetration of filling material, which increases machanical and dielectric resistance, to the inner layer.


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