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TOLUN currently acts as intermediary in the marketing of following products: :

puce-68c92 Meyer Burger AG 
Sales of PV related production equipment and integrated lines for Wafer, Cell and Module Industry as well as laboratory and R&D equipment in Turkey.

Composite strength element for fiber optic cables.

puce-68c92 MBJ Solutions GmbH  
Specialized on electroluminescence testing.

puce-68c92  MBJ Services GmbH
On-site testing fotovoltaic modules.

puce-68c92  STR
Specialized Technology Resources (STRI) is a worldwide leader in solar panel encapsulation.

puce-68c92  Kmetrics
Mobile PV module testing laboratory.
Power measurement + Electroluminescence + Thermal imaging = Safety for your investment

puce-68c92INFO-LAB Ltd.
Manufacturer of core-filler compounds for fiber optic cables.

puce-68c92 OUTICABLES Sàrl
Manufacturer of extrusion heads and toolings for wire, cable and plastic industries.

puce-68c92 DOSATEC S.A.
Specialist in weighing and dosing products in heavy industry, especially cement.

Specialist in handling of bulk materials.

Specialist in disharge machines in which heavy flowing bulk materials are stored.

puce-68c92 DELTA NEU
Ventilation - Dust control - Process Waste Handling - Filtration.

puce-68c92 ITECA SOCADEI S.A.
Develops, manufactures, installs and commissions On Line Automated Analysers and Electronic Control Devices for the Cement and Lime Industries.

puce-68c92 Tria Spine Medical Ltd.Co. 
Tria Spine® is a privately owned Turkish company supplying spinal implants and instruments.
Design, manufacture and supply spinal fixation systems.


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Juridical activities

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