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Özgerhan TOLUNAY
Doctor of law, Attorney at law, Consultant

Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY was born in Turkey.

Having successfully completed his education at the faculty of law, Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY started his career as an independent lawyer of the Turkish bar.

Later he moved to Switzerland to prepare his Ph.D. thesis in law and enrolled at Neuchâtel University. Subsequently, he proceeded to study in France and Germany and had the opportunity to study the legal legislations of those countries.

In 1975 he returned to Switzerland and submitted his Ph.D. thesis on "Work Injury Insurance in Swiss, German and France Law" at the University of Neuchâtel and obtained the degree of Doctor of law.

Thereafter he worked in Zurich, as legal advisor for a Swiss insurance company. In 1979 he returned to Neuchâtel, where he continued to practice as a legal advisor.

In 1994 before creating his own company under the name of TOLUN Consulting / Trading, Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY was Director of an advisory and management company in Lausanne.

Being LOCATED in Bevaix district in Neuchâtel / Switzerland and having a liaison office in Istanbul / Turkey, the TOLUN Consulting Trading company currently operates in various fields. It’s main activities are commercial and legal issues, consultancy and representations.

A member of Istanbul Bar, activities of Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY include :

International contracts law, Commerce law, and Business law; enriched with two topics: 1.Sports Law ( TOLUN Consulting - Sport Law Center ) and 2. International Arbitration in field of commerce.

In order to successfully accomplish his numerous activities TOLUN benefits not only from Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY’s knowledge but also from his network of specialist partners located in various countries.

Having Turkish and Swiss nationalities, Mr. Özgerhan TOLUNAY speaks French, German and English apart from his mother tongue Turkish.

Other activities in Switzerland

puce-68c92 Attorney at law Istanbul Bar
puce-68c92 Member of Association Suisse-Turquie 
puce-68c92 Membre of UniNExt ( Association des anciens étudiants de la Faculté de droit de l’Université de Neuchâtel ) 
puce-68c92 Member of Société academique neuchâteloise 
puce-68c92 Director of TOLUN Consulting - Sport Law Center 
puce-68c92 Member of ASDS ( Association Suisse de Droit du Sport ) 
puce-68c92 Vice - president of IASL ( International Association of Sports Law ) 
puce-68c92 Sworn translator for Canton de Neuchâtel / Switzerland 
puce-68c92 Member of ASTTI ( Association Suisse des Traducteurs, Terminologues et Interprètes ) 
puce-68c92 Member of STAJ ( Swiss-Turkish Lawyers and jurists Association ) 
puce-68c92 Member of ASTJ ( Association suisse des traducteurs-jurés )


Commercial activities

Juridical activities

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