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1. Commercial and Industrial Issues

puce-68c92 Marketing of products 
puce-68c92 Procurement of partners 
puce-68c92 Providing commerce and economy related information about Turkish, Swiss and European markets 
puce-68c92 Procurement and transfer of know-how and licenses (*) 
puce-68c92 Establishing companies of founding branches in Turkey, Switzerland and other foreign countries (*) 
puce-68c92 Carrying out formalities with official authorities and professional unions and institutions (*)

TOLUN can assist you also in the manufacture, partially or in full, of products and machinery as well.

2. Commercial consultancy

puce-68c92 on Turkish market 
puce-68c92 on Swiss and European markets 
puce-68c92 on Industrial, Textile and Agricultural products.

3. Financial Solutions

puce-68c92 Procurement of funds for the financing of commercial and industrial projects (*) 
puce-68c92 Intermediation for financial issues (*) 
puce-68c92 Management of assets / personal investments (*) 
puce-68c92 Tax optimization (*)

(*) in cooperation with well known international institutions


Commercial activities

Juridical activities

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